Our supporters and funders

With the amazing success of Gloucester Services, it’s hard to believe that there was significant opposition to the original proposal for the project when it was first discussed over 10 years ago.

However it was the positive unflinching support provided by the Summerfield Charitable Trust and the Tudor Trust that made this project possible. Together these charities have supported community initiatives in our target areas for over 20 years.

In the last 10 years they have enabled Gloucestershire Gateway Trust to turn our dream into reality by providing the support we needed when we needed it. Our neighbourhoods are forever in the debt of these two entrepreneurial charities for helping us when many thought our project wasn’t deliverable.
Thank you Summerfield Charitable Trust and Tudor Trust for your belief and commitment to our vision for change.

A number of other charities have also provided important support to Gloucestershire Gateway Trust over the last decade, including:

  • Henry Smith charity
  • Lankellychase Charity
  • Gloucestershire Community Foundation
  • Zurich Community Trust
  • South West Foundation
  • Landfill Communities Fund

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust.