Our community partners

Our community partnership officially started in 2017, though some – including Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, All Pulling Together, GL Communities, Play Gloucestershire and Fair Shares – were working with us from the start of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust and were involved in the creation of Gloucester Services.

Our community partners are fantastic organisations who have been working in the communities we invest in for a long time, “know their patch” and work across ages, cultures and needs. Some pictured here with us and Westmorland ‘cutting the sod’ at the start of the development of Gloucester Services Northbound.

Since then we’ve commissioned four community surveys in our neighbourhoods, asking residents what they love about where they live, but also where they feel they need more investment. As a direct result, we invited Together in Matson, The Nelson Trust, The Matson and Robinswood Residents Group and The Venture: White City to join our partnership in 2018.

In 2022, we reached the end of the first five years of our partnership. Thanks to it’s success, we were able to add another three organisations – GL4 CIC, Read with Me and the Matson, Robinswood and White City Community Partnership, which brings us to twelve:

  • All Pulling Together
  • Fair Shares Community Timebanks
  • GL4 CIC
  • GL Communities
  • Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
  • Play Gloucestershire
  • The Matson and Robinswood Residents Group
  • The Matson, Robinswood and White City Community Partnership
  • The Nelson Trust
  • The Venture: White City
  • Together in Matson
  • Read with Me

In total, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust have reinvested over £1m into groups in the communities we work with between 2017 and 2022.

Community development grants

Medium to long-term sustainable funding is becoming increasingly difficult for charities and community organisations to secure. Thanks to our partnership with Westmorland, we were able to commit to a five-year funding agreement with our community partners, who received £20,000 per year in community development grants.

We worked together to agree how the funding would go to best use and set our objectives and targets, which we reviewed throughout the agreement. All of our community partners used the investment to make a big difference, and we were so happy with the results, we were able to commit to a further three years, and add the additional three partners.

We do also support one-off requests from other organisations including schools within our communities – see our community funding criteria for more details.

“We love our partners, each one is an essential part of our local communities. Co-operating for the benefit of our neighbourhoods brings added value to everybody. Of course this community investment is only possible because of the success of Gloucester Services and our partnership with Westmorland which came about as a result of local residents vision for the future. This is a great virtuous circle.”

Mark Gale, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust