Community-driven development

A ground breaking, award-winning partnership between local communities and a motorway services business

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust is a community development charity and over 20 years we will plough an estimated £10 million into sustainable community projects through our local community partners. 

Gloucester Services: a unique partnership

How the vision of local residents became a pioneering model of social investment

As part of our unique partnership, Up to 3p in every £1 of non-fuel sales at Gloucester Services is reinvested in local communities, people and projects through us at Gloucestershire Gateway Trust.

Meet our community partners

Twelve incredible community organisations who receive long-term funding through our partnership and make a huge difference

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Bridging the Gap

“Bridging the Gap was a really good course and helps people to get a job.

They helped me with my communications and my confidence in a job interview. It’s a great course for everyone, it was fun and I loved it”.