About us

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust is a community development charity.  We were set up in 2007 to bring Gloucester Services to life, delivering the vision of residents in Matson to turn the nearby M5 motorway into an asset to create jobs and sustainable income for the local community. 

Our unique partnership with the Westmorland Family has enabled us to jointly create a pioneering model of social investment. Amid it’s success, Gloucester Services has exceeded its charitable goals, creating over 400 jobs, employing over 100 people from local ‘target’ communities, and supporting over 130 local producers from within 30 miles into the Farmshops and Kitchens.

Through this, we at Gloucestershire Gateway Trust have reinvested over
£1m into projects, groups and organisations in the communities we work with between 2017 and 2022.

Our Vision

We are working towards a world of welcoming communities, comprising of motivated and connected people living in neighbourhoods where everyone is valued, people can influence decisions that affect their lives and create lasting solutions to local challenges.

We know that every resident and community has strengths and resources that could be shared and we aim to help unlock these for everybody’s long-term benefit.

Our mission

Our community partners

We have twelve community partners who each receive an annual community development grant, as well as benefitting in many other ways from our community partnership.

Our communities

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust support communities across Gloucestershire, but we were created to have a particular focus on Matson, Robinswood, White City, Podsmead, Tuffley, Stonehouse and the wider GL10 area, known as our ‘target communities’.

In the coming period we see one of our Trust’s important roles is to challenge the old systems that increasingly disadvantage our neighbourhoods and to be a catalyst for change by showing how we can all do things differently and more effectively.

Mark Gale, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust