Green-fingered locals urged to ‘bring and share’ their fruit and veg

Matson and Robinswood Residents Group has launched a new community project called Lettuce Begin inviting local people to share any unwanted home-grown fruit and veg.

The Residents Group will create a collection point at the Matson Gateway in Matson Avenue, hoping the project will encourage affordable healthy eating among local residents.

Sandy Brammer said: “We know there are lots of local people who grow more produce than they can use themselves, so this is a great opportunity to stop it going to waste, and encouraging others to taste home-grown fruit and veg.”

Sandy added: “The Lettuce Begin project starts sprouting now so that in 2017 when it comes to fruition, we can share local produce with local residents on a ‘no cost’ or ‘give what you can’ basis. At the launch we shared lots of free seeds with gardeners and allotment holders. Every time a local resident donates fruit or veg, we will give them a free cup of tea or coffee.”

Funding for the project came from the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust through donations made by visitors to Gloucester Services and local Councillor Kate Haigh. Cllr Haigh said: “This is a great initiative by local residents taking action to improve the quality of life by making local fruit and veg available to everyone, regardless of their income.”

For further info contact Sandy Brammer on 07808 028 629 or Mark Gale on 07970 694 521

Nov 28 2016