Gloucestershire community groups get m/way services cash on Gateway Trust's 10th birthday

The Gloucestershire Gateway Trust - the charity partner behind the multiple award-winning M5 Gloucester Services - celebrated its 10th birthday by handing over the first of many major grants to local community groups.

The Trust, led by Chief Executive Mark Gale, forged a ground-breaking relationship with the Cumbria-based Westmorland Family which led to the opening of the Gloucester Services in 2014.

“We could not have found a better partner for this whole project,” said Mark. “Westmorland are totally committed to supporting communities, whether in Cumbria or Gloucestershire. It was the perfect match.”

Part of the unique business and charity partnership means the Trust will be able to plough an estimated £10m share of the Services’ turnover over the next 20 years into local community initiatives.

The first £60,000 has just been handed over - £10,000 each to the Trust’s six core community partners: the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, The Nelson Trust, GL Communities, Play Gloucestershire, All Pulling Together in Stonehouse and Fair Shares Time Banking.

Each of these six partners will get a total of £100,000 from the Trust over the next five years, making their work supporting local people and the environment more sustainable.

The Trust also supports two community hubs, the Matson Gateway in Gloucester and All Pulling Together in Stonehouse as well as the Matson and Robinswood Residents Group, a Growing Communities project on land at the Northbound Services and a range of training and volunteering opportunities for local people to boost their chances of getting a job at the Services and in other sectors such as childcare.

Many other local community initiatives, particularly in the Trust’s target areas of Matson and Robinswood, White City, Podsmead, Tuffley and Stonehouse, will also benefit from the Gloucester Services funds in future. About a quarter of Gloucester Services’ 400 staff have been recruited from these communities.

“As community organisations struggle to fund vital work, receiving a guaranteed annual income will make a huge difference to their sustainability. We want this funding to strengthen our partners and be a catalyst for more community action in our target neighbourhoods,” said Mark Gale.

The Trust’s 10th birthday celebratory dinner at the Houses of Parliament welcomed Gloucestershire Gateway Trust Trustees, Westmorland Family directors and managers, Gloucester Services staff and local residents, and representatives from all six community partners.

Other guests included a number of charitable trusts including the Tudor Trust and the Summerfield Trust, which provided the Gateway Trust funds to get the whole idea of a motorway services which benefits local people, off the ground.

Mark added: “Ten years ago, the idea of opening a motorway services which would generate opportunities and improvement in local communities, in addition to hundreds of new jobs, was still a dream.

“The idea had been simmering for at least ten years before that, but the Trust needed significant funds and determination to bring the concept forward and to find the right business partner. The Westmorland Family share our vision for generating community benefit, and thanks to the money now coming in from Gloucester Services, we’re able to start backing local residents and community organisations to build stronger neighbourhoods.

“The relationship between the Westmorland Family and the Trust is not just about charity donations, it is a more fundamental way of connecting business and community for the benefit of both. Together we are much more than the sum of our parts. We have so much to be proud of in this project.”

Sarah Dunning said “Gloucestershire Gateway Trust’s 10th Anniversary is a great celebration. Without the Trust, Gloucester Services would never have come to fruition and it was a big team effort to get it off the ground.

"Gloucester Services now employs up to 400 people, with a quarter of those coming from the charity’s target communities. We hope that with our continued partnership, we will be able to work on many initiatives in the future which support those needing jobs and bring investment back into our local communities."

What the Trust’s six core community partners will use the funding and support to do 2017-2022:

All Pulling Together Community Association


Development of the All Pulling Together Community Association to enable it to double the number of residents from Stonehouse, and particularly from the Park Estate, who are connected to and involved in local activities to improve and strengthen their community

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust


Engage local people and encourage them to use green spaces including Robinswood Hill Country Park to help to realise the broad health, social and economic benefits that these spaces can provide

GL Communities


Support the Chief Executive role to lead the transformation of the charity into a more sustainable organisation that is more engaged with residents and has upgraded its community buildings and outreach services

Fair Shares Time Banking


Support the Gloucester and Stroud area time banks to enable them to triple the amount of time banking activity in Matson & Robinswood, White City, Tuffley, Podsmead and Stonehouse

The Nelson Trust


Enable The Nelson Trust Women’s Community Services to support more women from our target communities who have experienced personal trauma, misuse of substances, have been subjected to domestic abuse, or are at risk of entering the criminal justice system

Play Gloucestershire


Support the Director of Play role to lead the strategic development of key work streams and play delivery in target communities

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust: proud winner of Outstanding Contribution to Local Food Development, Western Daily Press Food and Farming Awards 2017!

Award winnerThe vision of the Gateway Trust’s CEO Mark Gale for a motorway services station that would directly benefit people living in nearby communities, and his tireless work over two decades to make it a reality, was honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to Local Food Development award.

Gloucester Services on the M5 opened three years ago, since when it has provided a significant boost to farmers and food companies from across the South West. It was made possible after Mark approached Westmorland, the family-run company responsible for the award-winning Tebay Services on the M6 in Cumbria, and worked with it to set up Gloucestershire Gateway Ltd.

Read more about the awards:


Gloucestershire Gateway Trust welcomes new Trustees: The Bishop of Tewkesbury and the Chair of Matson,Robinswood and White City Community Partnership

Rt Revd Robert Springett, Bishop of Tewkesbury Bob Allen, Chair of the Matson, Robinswood and White City Community Partnership

The Gloucestershire Gateway Trust has welcomed two new Trustees: the Rt Revd Robert Springett, Bishop of Tewkesbury (pictured right) and Bob Allen, Chair of the Matson, Robinswood and White City Community Partnership.

The Trust, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, forged a ground-breaking partnership with the Cumbria-based Westmorland Family which led to the opening of Gloucestershire’s award-winning M5 Gloucester Services in 2014.

As a result of this partnership, local communities and charities will benefit from a share of the motorway Services’ royalties (a proportion of the sales) for at least 20 years.

Charles Fisher, former chairman and chief executive of Gloucestershire-based Sharpe and Fisher, will retire from his position as Chair of the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust after his last trustees’ meeting on May 3. He will be succeeded by Stephen Pallister, a partner at Cheltenham solicitors Wiggin Osborne Fullerlove who specialises in charity law.

Mark Gale, Chief Executive of the Trust said: “Charles has been with us right from the start when the idea of opening a motorway services which would bring tangible benefits to local communities, in addition to jobs, was still a dream. Charles was also a former chair of the Summerfield Trust charity which has given our vision tremendous support.

“We are delighted to welcome two new trustees to the Board who are joining at a very exciting time when we are beginning to see the tangible rewards for our local communities which we were aiming for all along.”

Bishop Robert commented: “As a new resident of Tuffley, I am delighted and honoured to have been invited to join the work of the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust with its deep and exciting commitment to supporting the community here and in Matson, White City, Podsmead and Stonehouse. I look forward to contributing to a charity committed to changing and improving the lives of all who live here.”

Bob Allen added: “Having lived and worked in Matson since 2003, I am delighted to be involved in the work and vision of the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust. The enhanced employment opportunities for local people, coupled with its charitable objectives, make the Trust a major force in improving the lives of local communities.”

The Gloucestershire Gateway Trust has just handed over the first £10,000 royalties donations to each of its six community partner organisations: All Pulling Together (APT) in Stonehouse, Fair Shares, GL Communities, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, the Nelson Trust and Play Gloucestershire. They will each receive another £10,000 later this year, and £20,000 a year for the foreseeable future, making their work supporting local people and the environment more sustainable.

The Trust also funds two community support hubs - Matson Gateway in Gloucester and All Pulling Together in Stonehouse - as well as funding pre-work training for long-term local unemployed people to give them a better chance of finding work at the Services.

In addition, the Trust funds the Growing Communities project on the Northbound M5 Services which has seen the planting of thousands of native trees and a community orchard.


April 27 2017

For further information, please contact Mark Gale, Chief Executive, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust 07970 694 521.

2017 Gloucestershire Gateway Trust officers and Trustees


Clark's sowing the seeds for a brighter future thanks to our Growing Communities project at Gloucester Services

Clark Clevely found it tough finding work while being the sole carer for his mother, but now he’s sowing the seeds for a brighter future with his first paid job after seven years on the dole. Clark, aged 39, from Tuffley, is now helping to run the Growing Communities project at Gloucester Services on the M5, planting wildlife meadows, a community orchard and new woodland of 1,000+ native trees and hedgerows on three acres of land on the Northbound Services site. Read Clark's story