Strategic partners

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All the benefits that have and will be generated by this project, are made possible because of our long term strategic partnership with the Westmorland family - a second generation family business who share our passion for generating local social, environmental and charitable benefits.

Westmorland's belief in high quality services and support for local communities has made them the perfect partner to help make our shared vision a reality.

From the very beginning of this project, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust has received innovative support from the Tudor Trust and the Summerfield Charitable Trust. Without their support, and other support from the Lankelly Chase Foundation, the Henry Smith Charity and the Gloucestershire Community Foundation this project would not have been possible.

In 2010 GGT established Memoranda of Understanding with four local registered charities and two other community partners to provide an early indication of our long term commitment to creating local benefit. These partners are:

  • Fair Shares Community Timebank: To support the development of timebank volunteering in Stonehouse and Stroud

  • GL Communities: To support local community development, education and training activities to increase residents’ confidence, skills levels and reliance - particularly for people who live with ill health, disability, caring responsibilities or unemployment

  • Play Gloucestershire: To deliver new or additional play sessions through their roaming Play Ranger teams in the target communities

  • Nelson Trust: To support the development of drug and alcohol addiction services in the target benefit communities

  • Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust: To support the development of awareness and connection of residents and wildlife in our target areas for mutual benefit particularly through the All Paths Lead to the Hill Project 

  • All Pulling Together (APT) Community Association: To support the development of the APT Central community hub on the Park Estate in Stonehouse near Stroud


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